Buju Banton reaches #1 with Blessed on the Future Mixx FM  Hot Top 12 Caribbean Music Charts

Future Mixx FM Caribbean Hot Top 12 Charts

Buju Banton is a house hold name, with in the genre of Reggae music. Since his return to the music industry it seem as though, he is a new artist making head way. The 47 year old Reggae artist also known as Mark Anthony Myrie, is a general in the industry, giving us hits since the 1990’s. It would seem as though his time served in prison would have set him back, but no. Since the artists return to the stage he has released nothing but solid content. Songs such as Country for Sale, Trust and Blessed are just some of Buju Banton’s latest releases. Buju Banton entered the Future Mixx FM hot top 12 Caribbean Charts 5 weeks from today and has hit the number one spot to take the lead.

Future Mixx FM Hot Top 12 Caribbean Music Charts Listing for October 14, 2020

1.Buju Banton – Blessed

2. Etana – Bubble

3. Dre Island – Never Run Dry

4. Allan Mensch – Dont Run

5. Aidonia – Look

6. Edley Shine – Babylon Breeze

7. Kabaka Pyramid – Nice Up Dance

8. Kevon Carter – Key To The World

9. Julian Marley Ft Junior Reid – Mother Nature

10. Super Black – 5 Gees

11. Toots – Got To Be Tough

12. Gyptian – Gimmi Some

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