What! an Entanglement, Jada and Will Drama!

Jada and Will Drama
When August Alsina broke his silence about his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith everyone had something to say, but the most important thing was what Jada had to say in response. Before this story broke last week there were rumors of Jada and Will having an open marriage. This was never confirmed nor denied by the couple, however when Jada brought herself to the red table she shared her side of the story. Apparently, she and Will went through a rough patch where they decided to split up and did not believe they would get back together. During this separation period she entangled herself; as she described it with her then friend August Alsina. Jada described her relationship with him as a healing moment in her life for herself and ultimately her marriage. August on the other hand was deeply hurt by the fact that she and Will decided to reconcile. That being said he maintains that he has a deep love and respect for both Jada and Will Smith. I would say that the moral of the story is dont entangle yourself with married people.

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